Tarantisimo Summit Vol. 2 (Bat Shit Records, 2010)

by Mac Blackout



Mac Blackout songs from Tarantisimo Summit Vol. 2 Compilation on Bat Shit Records 2010


released January 1, 2010

All songs in this listing written, performed, and recorded by Mac Blackout
©Mac Blackout 2010

LP liner notes:

"...Mac Blackout has a pretty impressive lineage as well. Did his time with the Functional Blackouts along with Ilth, and then the two went on to form Daily Void. Mac now fronts the trash grit glam outfit, Mickey. But really his solo stuff is where his shit truly shines. For a number of years, you could bump into Mac at a show and he'd lay some CDR on you with the coolest handmade cover. Then when you'd get home and throw it in your stereo, you'd find yourself trying to stick your nuts in the ceiling fan, the shit was so good. The songs found here are a sample of what this classic weirdo tune savant is capable of pulling out. Blackout's songs often come off as shimmering tinsel being pulled from a smoldering vat of grime, grit, and garbage. But through all the slime, you can hear the most tender glistening nuances that will simply floor you.
It's in songs like "Heartbreak," where his sneering maniacal shroud is pulled back to reveal the maddened and ravaging beast calmed by his mother's nipple, where his artistry really shines through."
-Brett Cross www.victimoftime.com



all rights reserved


Mac Blackout Chicago, Illinois

Mac Blackout

Functional Blackouts: guitar/vocals
Daily Void: guitar/vocals
Mickey: vocals
New Rose Alliance: vocals
Mac Blackout Band: guitar/vocals
Mac Blackout: all inst/recording
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